African Tribe Secrets That Will Shock You

120There is a well-known African tribe called the Masai who have managed to retain a lot of their culture in spite of various pressures to abandon them like many other African tribes have.

Some of the well-hidden secrets of this warrior tribe found in East Africa has attracted hoards of white women tourists who go to Africa with only one mission in mind, and that is to find a real Masai warrior for a companion.

And even as authorities in these poor African countries begin to take note of this morally disturbing development the practice is still thriving, as these governments are very reluctant to do anything that would interfere with their precious tourism cash cow.

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A Key Tradition Of The Famous Masai Tribe

119The Masai of Kenya and Tanzania are probably the most famous African tribe. Masai men are first and foremost warriors. Boys dream of the day they can become a warrior. Masai warriors are tall, often over 6 feet. They often look very impressive with their beaded long hair, fierce red clothing, and shield and spear.

Becoming a Masai Warrior

Becoming a warrior is the big dream of each Masai boy. The task of the warriors is to protect their village and cattle against wild animals and other tribes. They also fortify the fences around the Masai settlements. The women are responsible for housekeeping and farming the cattle.

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All Honorable Men are From The Same Tribe

118I had the privilege of serving as a Marine sniper for two years in the Vietnam War. I was an atheist at the time but I served with some outstanding young men. We’re still friends today, over forty years later. We’ve vacationed together with our families, now with kids grown we get together, we talk on the phone; we are brothers, closer than my own.

What’s most interesting is that we’re all so different. I’m from a town of seventy-five in Ohio. One of my guys, now deceased, was a tried and true New Yorker, from Brooklyn. Another kid an Iowa farmer, a rich kid with an MBA, a rebel from Florida, a kid raised in the Hells Angels and everything in between. There were other snipers in our unit but when each of us came together in the beginning there was something different.

Now you say that isn’t too surprising after what you have been through together. But it really is surprising. We’ve all beat the odds and been married for anywhere from twenty years to me and the kid from Iowa leading the way at thirty-eight years. We had no idea what was going on at the time and really didn’t get it for many years exactly why we were different.

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What Makes A Tribal Tattoo Design Distinctive?

117Tribal tattoos are extremely popular, but the truth is that the term covers a wide range of designs. Their origins, as the name suggests, can be seen in artwork and tattoos of tribes from the past. However, nowadays tribal tats have taken on their own distinctive look in the Western world.

Defining Characteristics of Tribal Tattoos

Tribal designs are generally bold, black lines that are formed in a number of different abstract shapes. They are made of various symbols depending on the tastes of the wearer, and some symbols may carry a deeper spiritual meaning than others. But there are no rules – tribal tats may also be colored or feature detailed shading: they’re no longer limited to black.

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The Vanishing American Window Seat Tribe

116In Japan there’s a corporate subculture called mado-giwa-zoku employees or window-tribe. They are middle managers stripped of all subordinates and responsibilities – a kind of “in-house retirement.” Instead of laying off managers, large Japanese companies shame them into retirement. This is a way for Japan’s corporations to gracefully eliminate well-paid managers through generous payouts, generally two years salary and accrued pension if they refuse to accept the retirement package. Those who remain essentially look out a window all day collecting their paycheck.

We have something similar in the US when a manager is suddenly and unceremoniously assigned to “Special Projects”, a euphemism for inevitable elimination and a period for him to “get his affairs in order” to look for another job. This is corporate purgatory, shipping you off and dropping you on an island – hopefully tropical – with provisions (buyout) for a month or two.

Like Japan, America’s window-tribe consist of middle-age workers who are deemed “too old” to even be considered for jobs elsewhere. They’re at the dead end in their careers, well-paid, but with no hope of advancement, no raises and fewer benefits. They’re not looking out the window, rather they’re hanging on the outside window ledge by their fingertips. Or sometimes, like those gangster movies, the corporate goons are holding the manager upside down from the top floor threatening to drop him unless he accepts a measly buyout.

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