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A Few Possible Answers to the Question”Why Won’t He Ask Me Out?

Every woman has been there. She has a male friend who seems to enjoy her company and may even spend a lot of time with her doing non-romantic things. He may flirt, leaving her puzzled, asking herself the question, “why won t he ask me out?” and wondering what she’s doing wrong. The truth is that the reasons are almost as varied as the types of men in the world. However, most situations fit into a few common scenarios.

The Problem May Be Other Partners

There are men in long-term relationships who still happily flirt or just hang out with women. Some do it in order to get the attention. But just as often they are looking for short-term flings. It’s likely that these guys will never be open to dating. On the other hand, men may be available but hang back from dating because they think their love interests are already involved. In these cases women can subtly men him know that they’re available.

He Could Be Intimidated

Although well-balanced, attractive women often see themselves as warm, friendly and approachable, men might have different opinions. Many who see women as “hot” or too good for them are terrified of asking them out. A little carefully-planned, reassuring flirting can do wonders in these situations.

Why Try When He’s Already Getting Attention

There are also men who will never ask out a woman who is clearly giving them all the attention and ego boosting they need. As long as women are plainly into they may be contented to flirt forever. Often just pulling away from these men can ignite their interest. Fear of losing a woman has spurred more than one man into action.

The Game Is “Hard to Get”

Yes, men also play hard to get. They may enjoy testing, to see how far women will go without dating. When women make their feelings obvious early on, some men will string them along until they can decide on their own feelings. In these cases women need to evaluate their situations and make sure they really want to continue.

Many women wonder why some men are very friendly but never ask them out. Although there can be many reasons, if women pay attention, they can usually figure out the problem and either solve it or move on to someone else.