Tribes In Kenya – Beautiful Or Ugly?

115Kenya has more than 40 tribes. Their role is diminishing slowly, but the tribe is one of the main defining features of living in Kenya. On the one hand, everybody admires the sight of proud Masai warriors, dressed all red with their typical spears and shield. And tribes have social advantages, such as mutual help. On the other hand, the tribes in Kenya are holding the country back. This article provides some background information.

The Big Picture Of Tribes In Kenya

Family in Kenya is all-important. Big extended families live together and look after each other. Then comes your clan, your sub-tribe, and your tribe. Since Kenyan independence in 1963, the government has tried to create a national consciousness, stressing the idea that “we are all Kenyans”. But as a result of the tribe system, national identity is very weak in Kenya.

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How a Cover Band Challenge Can Improve Tribe Performance

114Standing on the threshold of success and gazing into the black hole of innovation for the first time might have been an overwhelming challenge for a lesser man, but when Steve was given the opportunity to schedule a team building weekend at the Convention Center, he took the proverbial bull by the horns and danced off into the stars. It all started when he offered to help his wife look for a cover band to perform for their wedding, and he met the band marketing agent. An innovative executive, more than capable of rubbing two sticks together to start a fire, Steve created enough smoke to convince his company to jump on board.

The Players:

  • Five Executive Marketing Teams
  • Two Incredibly GOOD Cover Bands

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Facts About the Mandingo Tribe of West Africa

113The Mandingo tribe of West Africa has descended from the Mali Empire. This empire flourished under the rule of King Sundiata Keita. Today, the Mandingo tribe is not only the most widespread tribe in Western Africa, it also the most dominant ethno linguistic group. The tribe has many sub tribes like the Mande, Dyula, Bozo and Bambara.

According to historians, the tribe migrated into the heart of West Africa from the western side of Niger River. They were the original settlers of the city of Djenne-Jeno. This migration took place because the tribe wanted more fertile agricultural land and also wanted to expand its territory. The ancient Mandingo tribe found the army of Kingdom of Fouta Djallon to stake claim to the land. On settling down, nearly half of the tribe members converted to Islam. They showed no resistance to giving up their beliefs and embracing Islam.

The tribe lived in peace and harmony until slavery started. The westerners who came to West Africa were looking for people who were subservient and this quality was seen in the members of Mandingo tribe. From the start of the 16th century till the 18th century, Mandingo tribe was taken as slaves to many other countries and continents, including New World. This would explain why today the US has a sizable Mandingo tribe population.

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History of Ear Gauging in Tribal Civilizations

Mursi can be found in the land between the Omo and Mago rivers. Neighboured by the Surma , Ari , Kwegu and Karo ,and Bodi, the mursi are about 6000 in number. The Mursi grow sorghum and maize and like honey. The Mursi women have huge lip plate that is put just before the wedding time, when they are around 16. It’s a sign of beauty for Mursi. The men love to fight with big stick which have a phallus shape, to show their strenght and to seduce girls. The scarifications the Mursi warriors make on their arms means they killed enemy.Women tend to wear some heavy pieces of iron to attract men and for some years tourists and photographers. Les Mursis occupent un territoire compris entre les fleuves Omo et Mago. Leurs voisons sont les Surma, Ari, Kwegu, Bodi et les Karos. Les Mursi sont environs 6000. Ils cultivent du sorgo, mais et apprecie beaucoup le miel. Les femmes Mursi sont celebres pour leur plateau labial qui peut atteindre 20 cm. Elles le portent lorsqu’elles ont pretes à se marier, vers 16 ans.. c’est un signe de beauté dans la tribu. Les hommes aiment se battre à coup de bâtons qui ont une terminaison en forme de phallus. Les combats sont acharnés et peuvent occasionnées de graves blessure sou faire des victimes. C’est une occasion pour montrer sa force et sa bravoure aux filles et aux tribus voisines. Les scarifications que portent les hommes sur les bras signifient qu’ils ont tué un ennemi. Les femmes Mursi ont tendance à porter de plus en plus d’ornements en fer de diverses origines, pour paraître plus seduisante et pour attirer les photographes qui doivent payer pour immortaliser les scènes tribales.

A study of the history of ear gauging indicates the practice to be as old as recorded human history. For males, this form of ear piercing has been a symbol of status, while for women, in addition to being used as means of bodily decoration, it has also been employed to signify the attainment of womanhood.

Ear gauging, which is also referred to as ear stretching, is the stretching of ear lobe piercings to larger diameters than that of the original piercing. It is a form of body enhancement or beautification that many young western people adopt to look ‘different’ from the usual crowd. However, this is not a modern form of body piercing, since it has been around for as long as archaeological records exist.

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Beware of the Skinwalker

111The tribes of the American South West all have legends and tales of the skinwalker. They are said to be malevolent witches who wear the skins of animals to shapeshift into the creature whey wish to assume. The human witch takes on the speed, strength or cunning of the animal he or she has assumed.

According to Navajo belief, skinwalkers are self-serving and evil beings whose primary motivation is revenge. They must kill a sibling or other close relative to be initiated as a skinwalker, then they commit murder, cannibalise their victims, rob graves and practice necrophilia to perform their magic.

Some believe that skinwalkers have the ability to steal the “skin” or body of a person. If you lock eyes with a skinwalker they can absorb themselves into your body.

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